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Engin Togrulca

  • Name: Engin Togrulca
  • Year of Graduation: 2006
  • College: College of Business Administration
  • Major / Specialization: Management
  • Current Job Title Community Manager at the King Abdulla Petroleum Studies & Research Center in Riyadh

Name: Engin Togrulca 
Year of Graduation: 2006
College: Business Administration
Major: Management
Current Job Title: Community Manager
Favorite memory of the University life?
Studying and at the same time working at the University Computer Labs. This was an additional income for me as I was on scholarship.
How did your degree assist you in your career?
Surely without my degree I wouldn’t have been able to reach my current position, I have so far worked for the biggest local and international Companies including Australian Body Corporate services Company, Novus Community Management LLC, Dubai Properties Group and finally working as Community Manager at the King Abdulla Petroleum Studies & Research Center in Riyadh.   
It is so important that we specialize in a specific field after our graduation so that we can build more strong and stable career for our future, I have so far been specialized in Property Management and have obtained so many related courses to make my position stronger. So I recommend for everyone to go with what they love to be in, this way they can produce more and enjoy what they do!
Do you miss something about the University? What is it?
Missed all my instructors and colleagues and entire Ajman University.
Can you describe the University in one word?