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Almir Salčin

  • Name: Almir Salčin
  • Year of Graduation: 2004
  • College: College of Business Administration
  • Major / Specialization: Management
  • Current Job Title Head of the department for economic and financial affairs

- How did your degree assist you in your career?

It is important to note that the knowledge and skills we have gained at Ajman University are very valuable and they helped me a lot in my career. On that basis, I believe I was able to achieve a successful career. As a student, I was able to land a job at Dubai International Airport. After graduation, I went back to my home country, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where I worked in Zenica Ironworks. Later I got a job in the Regional Landfill in Zenica where I successfully worked for ten years. 

Recently, there is a growing tourism interest from people in the UAE and the region to visit and invest in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am happy to see that and I look forward to use my skills and experience to help investors develop their businesses in my country.

- Any funny incident or memory?

One day after we finished classes and left the University outside was raining.

I remember I very particular day. It was a rainy day. The weather was fantastic and I decided to walk home under the rain. Other students were surprised to see me walking in the rain, but for me it was a sweet reminder of how it is in my home country.

- Do you miss something about the University? What is it?

I miss many things about Ajman University. I miss my teachers who have diligently strived to transfer their knowledge to us. I miss the students who studied with me, with whom I spent unforgettable moments. I have memories in here that I will never forget. 

- Can you describe the University in one word?