E7: An International Innovation Designed by AU Alumni

Sunday, Sep 24, 2017

Recently, Lt. General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, approved the adoption of an international innovation, known as, "Emirati Reader," or E7, which can read passports and documents from around the world, as well as standard and electronic documents.

E7 is the brainchild of Sergent Amer Al-Jabri an AU Alumni, graduated in the year 2012 from the College of Media and Human Sciences, at Ajman University.  His specialization was public relations and now holds a specialized degree in Information Technology and currently specializes in security and strategic studies.

Sheikh Saif had been monitoring the innovation’s phases of development from the beginning, and he instructed its designer Sgt. Amer Al Jabri, Director of the Official Readers and Documents Project, to continue its development, to assist police and security work across the nation after it has proved to be effective, under the supervision of a leading German security company and according to international safety standards and those of the International Organisation for Standardisation, ISO.

Al Jabri stated that the device has been tested in many Emirati ports. Adding that E7 can photo scan all types of documents, airline tickets, barcodes, international IDs and entry visas, as well as other characteristics and technology applications.

He added that E7 includes smart technologies that serve as a miniature criminal laboratory, as well as a microscope that can magnify an image 20 times greater than similar devices, and UV, I, III, IR and other special light detectors while considering the professional safety requirements of the ministry’s employees.

E7 is the first Emirati device that can read documents electronically and manually inspect them, as well as all international passports and official documents.