AU Launches 14 Alumni Chapters Across the World First one in Lebanon

Thursday, Oct 12, 2017

Ajman University in its stride towards each milestone appreciates those who are the key stakeholders in its success. As we approach the 30 year mark the one most pivotal symbol; of our success is our Alumni. They are the epitome of all our endeavors, our values and our efforts. To celebrate them, Alumni Office undertook the initiative of launching Alumni Chapters across the world, to strengthen the network of alumni and fortify their relationship with their Alma Mater.

33,000 alumni across the globe working in various sectors of the economy will soon be joined to their Chapters for a more synchronized connection with AU. Formation of overseas chapters require a minimum of 5 members and above. The structure would include; President, Vice President, Event Coordinator , Media Coordinator and fundraising Coordinator, the members will reap numerous benefits. Their role in representing AU locally and globally will be enhanced through the offices.

The First official chapter to be launched was in Lebanon, this week. 14 more chapters have been initiated across the world and are listed on the alumni website for graduates to follow up and join the one nearest to them.

“It is hard for me to explain how happy I am in meeting people from the university I graduated from and worked in, meeting graduates and staff took me back for the old good days I spent at Ajman University as being both a student and a member of its large family. I am proud of all the achievement my university accomplished and I am sure it will keep on
achieving more. It is my honor to be announced as the president of the Alumni chapter in Lebanon, hoping that all members and I will represent well our beloved university in Lebanon” expressed Tamima Salam, President of Alumni Chapter in Lebanon

“Yesterday was a unique day to me for having the opportunity to meet members of my university. It was a great honor to gather with them and catch up with the recent tremendous achievements the university has accomplished. Knowing that the university is expanding and following up with its alumni makes me proud and motivates me to keep on working hard to reach my ambitions and make a difference in the society. I am looking forward to communicate and attend further events with the alumni members”. Explained Iman Abu Baker El Saddik, Fundraising coordinator, AU Alumni – Lebanon Chapter.