My New Life – Coaching by Alumni Association

Sunday, Dec 21, 2014

Alumni Association at Ajman University of Science & Technology organized a seminar titled “My New Life” for its Alumni and graduating students. The lecture was delivered by the renowned Dr. Hanadi Al Jabr, who holds an honorary degree in Community Services, a MA in Psychology and is a counselor and is an internationally certified coach in familial, adolescence and marital relationships.

Aptly titled, the seminar dealt with the hurdles and transitions faced by the students as they embark on upon their new life outside the campus upon graduation. The main aim is to develop the capabilities of the graduates and prepare them for the family and professional life that awaits them. 

Through effective self-management, personal and organizational relationships can be built, developed and enriched, so as to ensure the objectives and visions are realized smoothly with minimum obstacles and risks.

Male and female students participated and were keen on understanding the stresses and challenges their new life will bring. Attendees expressed their interest in the seminar and the series of activities offered by Alumni Association for graduates in order to strengthen the relationship of the university graduates and link them to their university, even after graduation.