Message from the Alumni Office

I would like to thank you for visiting our site. It’s a great pleasure to have you among Ajman University Alumni Association. We look forward to journeying with you through your personal and professional development, post-graduation.

Our goals are to connect and reconnect graduates with each other, connect you back with Ajman University and live the memories. Moreover, we look to link you to the undergraduates who need your inspiration to overcome their challenges towards achieving success.

I also hope every alumnus will benefit from the network through reviewing it as well as the human relationships generated from the network. Your participation in the alumni association back in your home country is quite recommended.

We, in the Alumni Office look forward to meeting and serving you. Please join us in our events and services listed on the following pages in this site and get acquainted with what is going in your university.

See you there, stay in touch!

Hussam Steitieh

Alumni office In-charge

Connected, we can make a difference!


To build a bridge and foster the relationships between Ajman University and its alumni around the world that will lead to a lifelong mutual benefits.


 AU Alumni Office is a non-profit entity committed to serving the interest of graduates and to promoting communication among them and their alma mater.

In pursuit of this goal, the Alumni Office has established four principles:

  • Fraternity 
    AU Alumni Office strives to enhance and foster bonds of interconnection among its members.
  • Commitment 
    AU Alumni Office endeavors to implant in its members a sense of commitment to the association and to Ajman University.
  • Volunteering 
    AU Alumni Office aims to instill in its members a sense of belongingness via volunteer work for  the benefit of the community.
  • Excellence 
    AU Alumni Office considers excellence as one of its major goals. The office sets a number of policies, processes and tools to achieve these goals, maintains a solid interconnection and provides excellent services to AU graduates.


 Alumni Office has the following objectives:

  • Develop communication between the University and its alumni on the one hand, and among the alumni themselves on the other hand, in accordance with the University's philosophy and vision.
  • Establish and foster a basis of lifelong professional and personal relationships between the University and its alumni.
  • Develop and promote the association within the university and engender goodwill, understanding and support for the university in the wider community.
  • Provide alumni with opportunities to contribute to and participate in the decision-making process at the University through the expression of their viewpoints.
  • Keep in contact with professional bodies and alumni organizations mainly to identify alumni career opportunities, in line with the University's principle of bridging barriers between academic life and society.


Alumni Administration

There are two administrative bodies which run the Association, as follows:
• The Alumni Council has 12 members who are all graduates of the University elected in a general assembly. Its role is to represent alumni and former students in the decisions of the Association pertaining to activities and services. The Council consists of president, Vice president, Executive assistant and Public relations in addition to 8 members representing AU Colleagues who meet three times annually.
• The Alumni Operation Office is the executive body of the association consists of the Alumni Office staff which sets the rules and determines association procedures in accordance with the statutes. It implements decisions taken and ensures the execution of activities.